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- With a commitment to excellence extending over more than 70 years, MEC facilitates the design and manufacturing of world-class switches and navigators to withstand at least 10 million operations. Sealed to meet IP67 specifications, these MEC switches are suitable for multiple applications in a variety of industry sectors including audio/video, broadcasting, instrumentation, medical and defense. When customers require performance, reliability and outstanding design they turn to mec.

The unique concept of mec accessories allows customers to create their own designs, making the most of the legendary durability of mec switches. The switches and navigators can be back lighted, marked, and are generally available in low and high temperature as well as quiet versions. If a customer requires a specific cap, mec will design and manufacture the requested part to meet the customer’s request.

MEC switches is a trade name of APEM, Inc.

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Multimec™ 10C Caps

MEC Switches' Multimec™ 10C caps have a diameter of 19.2 mm and a slightly concave surface for good ergonomic feel. Learn More

Ultramec™ 6C Series Tactile Switch

MEC Switches' Ultramec 6C is an excellent low-profile pushbutton option for handheld devices or in applications that are limited in both space and height. Learn More

Navigation Solutions

MEC’s navigational solutions combine elegance and performance Learn More

NC/NO 5 Series Switches

NC/NO 5 switch series from MEC features low-contact resistance of <30 mΩ, 1 million+ life cycles, and three standard actuation forces of 2.0 N, 3.5 N, and 6.5 N. Learn More

5E and 5G Series Switches

The Multimec 5E and 5G switch series from MEC include three different actuation forces of 2.0, 3.5, and 6.5N and an improved snap-on system. Learn More

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Switches Publish Date: 2011-12-06

MEC offers high quality switches that have more than 10 million actuations, an IP 67 sealing and robustness of 100 N.

Duration: 5 minutes

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