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Image of Infineon Technologies Optimal Drive Systems
Optimal Motor Drive Systems

Infineon Technologies’ silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology provides high-voltage, level-shift technology for unique advantages and robust protection.

Image of Kycon Locking Power Plug and Jack
KLDX/KLDHCX/KLDVHCX Series Locking Power Plug and Jack

Kycon’s KLDX/KLDHCX/KLDVHCX series' locking DC power jacks and plugs provide the ability to lock a barrel connector to prevent accidental disconnection.

Image of GlobTek's LPS Power Supplies
LPS Power Supplies

Reduce risk and save cost with GlobTek’s extensive line of IEC-60950-1 compliant limited power source (LPS) power supplies.

Image of STMicroelectronics and Würth Elektronik USB Type-C™ Development Kit
USB Type-C® Development Kit

Würth Elektronik and STMicroelectronics present a USB Type-C® development kit for fast and easy development and migration to Type-C.

Image of Leader Tech's Copper Foil Tapes
Copper Foil Tapes

Leader Tech's copper foil tapes are ideally suited for critical shielding and masking applications.

Image of Leader Tech's EMI Vent Panels
EMI Vent Panels

Leader Tech’s low-cost EMI vent panels shield openings for heating and ventilation against electromagnetic interference.

Image of Littelfuse Heavy Duty Vehicle 4-Pole or 7-Pole Connectors for Tractor-Trailers
Heavy-Duty Vehicle 4-Pole or 7-Pole Connectors for Tractor-Trailers

Littelfuse Cole Hersee's tractor-trail connectors maintain a secure connection of a trailer's electrical power to the vehicle pulling it.

Image of TE Connectivity's Split Banding Rings
Split Banding Rings

TE Connectivity's split banding rings two-piece design uses a high-performance engineering plastic that snaps together providing an excellent mechanical joint.

Image of Littelfuse's POWR-SPEED® Line of High-Speed (Semiconductor) Blade Fuses – PSR Series
POWR-SPEED® Line of High-Speed (Semiconductor) Blade Fuses – PSR Series

Littelfuse POWR-SPEED® PSR series offers optimized circuit protection at the extremely fast speed required to protect modern-day power conversion devices.

Image of Bel's Automotive Ethernet MagJack® Single Port ICMS
Automotive Ethernet MagJack® Single Port ICMS

Bel Magnetic Solutions' automotive Ethernet ICMs are SAE/USCAR2-6 compatible products offering an operating temperature range of up to 100°C.

Image of NKK's Switch Sample Kits
Switch Sample Kits

NKK Switches offers sample kits of products with assortments by specific product types or categories and each containing an identifying directory.

Image of LT6370 Low-Noise Instrumentation Amplifiers
LT6370 Low Noise Instrumentation Amplifiers

Analog Devices’ low noise instrumentation amplifiers provide high-level DC accuracy allowing the user to amplify a small differential signal.

Image of Leader Tech's Mesh Gaskets
Mesh Gaskets

Leader Tech's mesh gaskets have excellent EMI shielding and grounding properties and are suitable in extreme temperature environments.

Image of AKM's AK09970D Ultra-Small Tri-Axis Magnetic Smart Switch
AK09970D Ultra-Small Tri-Axis Magnetic Smart Switch

AKM's AK09970D is a device with a much smaller overall footprint than the conventional tri-axis magnetic smart switch sensor, the AK09970N.

Image of STMicroelectronics' STPMIC1APQR Power Management IC
STPMIC1APQR Power Management IC

STMicroelectronics’ STPMIC1 is a power management IC highly-integrated application processor designs requiring low power and high efficiency.