THD Series Low Noise, High Performance Fans

Delta Electronics' offers the THD series fans that incorporate bionic blade design features

Delta Electronics' THD series fans is inspired by observing a black kite flying. Black kites use diving posture when catching prey, during which they must be swift, quiet, and precise. Delta’s engineers managed to apply the posture and wing structures of the black kite’s flight to the design of fan blades via parameterized and simulated processes.

This THD series fan with bionic design managed to reduce noise by up to 6 dB-A when compared to its competitors while maintaining highly efficient operations. This is equivalent to the difference between four fans running simultaneously and the noise from one fan; quite a significant margin.

  • Lower noise for high performance
  • More powerful cooling solution
  • Higher fan efficiency
  • High strength blade design
  • Advanced motor driving technology

THD Series Low Noise, High Performance Fans

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSize / DimensionAvailable QuantityView Details
92X92X38MM 48V DC FAN W/PWM, SPETHD0948HE-AXHH92X92X38MM 48V DC FAN W/PWM, SPESquare - 92mm L x 92mm H125 - ImmediateView Details
120X120X38M 48V DC FAN, W/PWM COTHD1248HE120X120X38M 48V DC FAN, W/PWM COSquare - 120mm L x 120mm H109 - ImmediateView Details
FAN AXIAL 134X38MM 48VDC WIRETHD1348HEFAN AXIAL 134X38MM 48VDC WIRESquare - 134mm L x 134mm H194 - ImmediateView Details
FAN AXIAL 80X38MM 48VDC WIRETHD0848MEFAN AXIAL 80X38MM 48VDC WIRESquare - 80mm L x 80mm H14 - ImmediateView Details
FAN AXIAL 200X70MM 48VDC WIRETHD2048HTFAN AXIAL 200X70MM 48VDC WIRERound - 200mm Dia0View Details
Published: 2017-09-08