DIN Rail Power Supply Series

Delta offers industry-leading DIN rail power supply designs withstand severe environments

Image of Delta's DIN Rail Power Supply SeriesDelta Electronics' complete line of DIN rail power supplies offers industry-leading designs made to withstand harsh industrial environments, including products in accordance with ATEX requirements. The rugged aluminum or plastic case is both shock and vibration resistant according to IEC 60068-2. Features include overvoltage, overload, and overtemperature protections for the output. By using a wide input voltage range design, Delta's DIN rail power supply series is usable worldwide and features built-in power boost of up to 150% for 5 seconds. Such features enable reserve power to be always available for reliable startup of loads with high inrush current thus eliminating the need for a more expensive power supply at higher power rating.

In addition, Delta's DIN rail add-on modules are designed to work seamlessly with Delta's family of power supplies to increase the operational reliability of the system with which it is connected. These products include buffer modules, redundancy modules, and DC-UPS modules, which can be used in most applications that can accommodate DIN rail power supplies.

  • Universal wide AC input voltage range
  • Power will not derate for the entire input voltage range for most units
  • Power boost of 150% for up to 5 seconds
  • Full corrosion resistant aluminum casing
  • Safety including: IEC60950-1, UL508, CE, CSA C22.2, IEC61558, and IEC 61010
  • SEMI F47 certified for selected models
  • Conforms to harmonic current IEC/EN 61000-3-2, Class A
  • Conformal coating on PCBAs to protect against common dust and chemical pollutants
  • Hazardous locations approval to ATEX and Class I, Div 2
  • DC OK relay contact
  • IT
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Household appliances
  • Renewable energy
  • Oil and gas
  • Semiconductors

Chrome Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - Output 1Current - Output (Max)Power (Watts)Available QuantityView Details
DRC-12V30W1AZ datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 30WDRC-12V30W1AZAC/DC CONVERTER 12V 30W12V2.1A30W157 - Immediate
DRC-12V30W1AZ product page link
DRC-24V100W1AZ datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 100WDRC-24V100W1AZAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 100W24V3.8A100W97 - Immediate
DRC-24V100W1AZ product page link
DRC-24V10W1AZ datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 10WDRC-24V10W1AZAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 10W24V420mA10W804 - Immediate
DRC-24V10W1AZ product page link
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CliQ Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - Output 1Current - Output (Max)Power (Watts)Available QuantityView Details
DRP048V240W1BA datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 240WDRP048V240W1BAAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 240W48V5A240W14 - Immediate
DRP048V240W1BA product page link
DRP024V060W1NZ datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 60WDRP024V060W1NZAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 60W24V2.5A60W236 - Immediate
DRP024V060W1NZ product page link
DRP048V120W1BA datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120WDRP048V120W1BAAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120W48V2.5A120W0DRP048V120W1BA product page link
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Lyte Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - Output 1Current - Output (Max)Power (Watts)Available QuantityView Details
DRL-24V240W1AA datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 240WDRL-24V240W1AAAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 240W24V10A240W350 - Immediate
DRL-24V240W1AA product page link
DRL-24V120W1AA datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120WDRL-24V120W1AAAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 120W24V5A120W58 - Immediate
DRL-24V120W1AA product page link
DRL-48V120W1AA datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120WDRL-48V120W1AAAC/DC CONVERTER 48V 120W48V2.5A120W263 - Immediate
DRL-48V120W1AA product page link
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Sync Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - Output 1Current - Output (Max)Power (Watts)Available QuantityView Details
DRS-24V30W1AZ datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 30WDRS-24V30W1AZAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 30W24V1.25A30W78 - Immediate
DRS-24V30W1AZ product page link
DRS-24V100W1AZ datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 100WDRS-24V100W1AZAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 100W24V4A100W28 - Immediate
DRS-24V100W1AZ product page link
DRS-24V100W1AR datasheet linkAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 100WDRS-24V100W1ARAC/DC CONVERTER 24V 100W24V4A100W40 - Immediate
DRS-24V100W1AR product page link
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Published: 2018-07-09